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Theo Charles is a DJ's DJ. Bringing the bravado of turntablism to the timeless aesthetic of house and techno; never one to shy away from challenging the status quo, the Colorado DJ has formulated a distinctive signature sound behind the decks. From Aspen to Africa, Theo Charles has made name for himself.

Theo Charles cut his teeth training under such decorated DJs as Dirty Digits, TJ Mizell and DJ Esquire. As a result, where other four on the floor selectors build a long, gradual progression, his fast yet skillful transitions translate to a more engaging audience experience.

In an era of pre-planned (and often even pre-recorded) sets, Charles differentiates himself by improvising every single performance. He only plans out sequences of tracks insofar as a boxer plans out one-two combos, leaving the audience in control of where each mix dovetails. In addition, the crowd’s response to his tasteful implementation of DJ tricks indicates that such novelties are certainly not lost on fans of house and techno.

If you fancy yourself a fan of real DJing in any capacity then Theo Charles is a name you need to know.


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