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In 2001 he began his DJ career spinning vinyl in the Dallas underground rave scene. In 2003, having fell in love with funky Florida breaks and then introduced to the movement of UK breaks in the U.S., he decided to dedicate himself purely to the breakbeat movement in Dallas and spin under the name DJ E-Break. From 2003-2010 he spun at various venues throughout Dallas, including Club One, Bar Dallas, Rapture, Carson's Live, Lizard Lounge and multiple underground warehouse parties. Recently, having taken a break from djing and the club scene, he moved to Denver where he re-discovered his passion for electronic music and specifically fell in love with House music. With this newfound passion he decided to re-emerge as a dj in Denver and branded himself as the multi-style House DJ named “Le Fr3sh”. Over the past year Le Fr3sh has made his mark in the Denver scene capping the year off with an exciting performance at Denver's premier NYE festival, Decadence. With multiple performances at nightclubs and warehouse parties around Denver, it looks like Le Fr3sh is poised to rock the music scene as he continues to evolve his musical talents.

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