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Silhouette mastered her skill of blending beats so eloquently it will shudder your skin with goosebumps and has developed skills across multiple genres including deep house, indie house, electro house, G house, tech house, break beats, dubstep, drumstep, garage, drum n bass, glitch hop, trap and twerk. Hailing from “The Biggest Little City” where she graced the arches and dance floors of Reno, NV; she is ready to take the Mile High City on an epic journey with her fusion of heavy thwomping basslines interwoven with soul and harmonic chords to wake the dancer in each of you.

She brings with her the experience to mark her resume by sharing the decks alongside some of the masters; Ana Sia, Carly D (Gruntworthy), Bass Science (Made in Glitch), Gemini & Koan Sound, Connie Icon, WellGroomed, Reid Speed (Play me records) & Keith McKenzie (ill Productions) and by playing the Top Clubs in Reno, NV including Wurk, Cargo, 1up, Rise, Edge, Bluebird & Tonic.

She has been a part of Bump Sound Collective and played multiple parties including Elemental Festivals and weekly events and crawls since 2007. She ran Vanity AfterDark in 2009-2010 in Reno, NV with her former partner in crime. She also played the main stage at DurtyNV events such as Fur & In Dust We Trust. She recently taught for "We Can Do It" Wednesdays; an all female dj workshop to encourage the female DJ culture. Currently, you can find her holding a residency on the Burning Man Art Car Fjoryn when she hits the playa…

Or catch her if you can when you’re in Denver!

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